Friends of Ziv Medical Center


"You are not to stand idle when your neighbor's life is at stake"

Leviticus 19: 16

Humanitarian Aid

Israel, by tragic circumstance, is possible the world's leading expert in dealing with mass casualty situation.


In 1958, Israel adopted an official humanitarian aid agenda as a principal element of the country's internation cooperation efforts.


Over the years, the country has extended international humanitarian aid assistance to more than 140 countries



Since the first unexpected encounter with Syrian casualties in February 2013, Ziv Medical Center, israel's northernmost hospital, has treated hundreds of Syrian civilians, many in critical conditions, suffering from severe trauma inflicted by explosion, shrapnel and bullet wounds, burns and crush injuries. Most of the patients requiring numerous, complex operations.

During the years of this humanitarian initiative the staff at Ziv has seen a shift in Syrian citizen's attitude to Israel- from enemy to 'people who saves lives.'

"I was deeply impressed by the dedication of the medical staff that is sparing no effort to provide the injured patients, many of them children, with the best possible care. This commitment to the welfare of other human beings, regardless of the fact that they belong to an anemy nation, should be a source of pride to all Israelis"
Lars Faaborg-Andersen
Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Israel

Dr. Roisentul who has been honore also by the AMIA, the Organization of the Argentinian Jewish Community, will also receive on October 11th the Board of Trustees of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, 'Special Citation Award for Many Years of Humanitarian Service," during the 99th Annual Meeting Opening Awards Ceremony

Dr. Alejandro Roisentul Head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgey Unit at Ziv, receives the "Outstanding Perosnality in the Human Rights Field" award by the Parliament of the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the photo Dr Roisentual shakes hands with Ilan Sztulman, Israel's Ambassador to Argentina, in presence of Claudio Avruj (right) Argentina's Human Right's Secretary and members of the Buenos Aires Legislature, Victoria Roldan Mendez and Eduardo Santamarina

Conan O'Brien congratulating Dr. Roisentul during his visit at Ziv (September 2017)

Israeli doctors treating Syrians deserve Nobel Prize

Conan O'Brien

 “By 2013- says Dr. Zarka- we realized the battles were very close to our borders, and we needed to decide what to do. What is our policy? It is legitimate according to international law to close the border against your sworn enemy. But there are strong reasons why to provide medical support:

The first thing is to be a human. The second thing is to be a physician. The third thing is tour religious principles. It is written in different Jewish books, and the Torah, that we have to save lives. And it is written in the other religions too. In the Druze religion, in my religion, it is ordered that you have to save lives, so you would have to provide medical support.”

“The other thing that is very unique to the Jewish people is the imperative of the Holocaust, an understanding of what it means to be helpless. So you weight the different reasons, and I am very happy that the reason to provide medical support weighed more than other things.”

Dr Zarka established a three-echelon triage system: immediate medical assistance to Syrians at the border fence, a field hospital staffed with 20 on-call doctors near the border, and a system for evacuating the worst cases directly to hospitals in the Galilee.”

Dr Salman Zarka, Director General of Ziv Medical Center with one of the Syrian children ferried on a regular basis to day clinics held at Ziv Medical Center to provide routine medical treatment to Syrian children and theri mothers.

The Shils organization honors Dr Roisentul "For outstanding humanitarian efforts and advocacy for the treatment of those in need that are affected by human tragefy."

Friends of Ziv Medical Center advocating the plight of deaf Syrian children at the Annual Meeting of the America  Academy of Otolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery Convention in Chicago

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