Life & Hope Project


Because Life Is The Most Valuable Human Possession

"Life & Hope" is a project to defend the value and dignity of human life. It is based on one of the core principles of the Heberew Scriptures.

It is inspired in the humanitarian work performed by Israeli doctors in Israel and in140 countries around the world

Trust + Gratitude


Friendship = Peace


Life & Hope nominates Israeli doctors for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

We are in a campaign to collect 80,000 signatures to have them nominated.




Life & Hope


In a world used to look at itself mostly through the lens of ideologies or politics seeing its problems and solutions through the moral force that is the ethics of medicine and the values of the Hebrew Scriptures is one of the most transformative movements of our time. ILife & Hope is a project to support the humanitarian work of the doctors from around the world who bring life and hope to those affected by natural and human made catastrophes

The Humanitarians


A multicultural bunch sharing the highest universal principles of the ethical medical profession and the values of the people of Israel 
Israeli doctors are neither heroes nor saints, but they are indeed some of the best representatives of the moral community that is the medical profession. In exercising their profession the way they do it, they are a powerful force for moral good in the world.


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