Urgent Appeal


Find out what Israel's northern most hospital, located just a few miles from the border with Syria and Lebanon, is doing to help the citizens of the region and help build a multicultural society of people working with each other and in leaving in peace with each other.



We are a US 501 3 (c) non-profit charitable corporation that supports the State of Israel northern most hospital Located in the city of Sefad in the Galilee (7 miles from the Lebanese border and 19 miles from the Syrian border).

Ziv Medical Center is the front line of medical assistance to the multicultural population of the region

Medicine is the antidote

to hate

“If every Syrian child, woman and man return to their homeland after having received medical attention in Israel, treasuring in their hearts the human encounter which saved their lives, a memory of an embrace from people who they used to consider enemies and who turned out to be human at the most critical time, and if every Syrian who leaves us lets his experience flourish—we may then be able to dream about a better future, for our children and for theirs.”

Dr. Salman Zarka

Ziv Medical Center, Sefad, Israel

Abraham Lincoln's advise that  “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.” Amidst the misery and dehumanization being endured by Israel's neighbors, the opportunity arises not only to somewhat help alleviate immense suffering, but to prepare a future. We can, we should all be part of it assisting the next generation that will take the helm of their country


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